Side hustles, passion projects, leisure pursuits. Whatever the name, we are more defined by how we spend our free time than ever before. The two projects below offer a glimpse into my activities outside of a 9 to 5.

ette all formerly known as Ladies@

ette all is a non-profit for gender equality in the modern workplace. We are a community for gender identifying females and the men who support them. 

  • We think critically about conventional perceptions of gender in the workplace and are unsatisfied with the status quo.
  • We are igniting dialogue around those issues and fostering an environment to tackle gender bias.
  • We’re leading the conversation by providing educational resources and interactive events.
  • We recognize that workplace norms are influenced by widely held societal beliefs and hierarchies. As such, we cannot change the workplace without advancing a progressive agenda in our culture.

ette all President

Ladies@ is currently undergoing a rebrand to ette all. We are shedding the “ladies” moniker in the new year to reflect the inclusivity of our organization and the acknowledgement that ladylike behavior won’t break the glass ceiling in our lifetime.

As president of ette all, I manage the strategic roadmap for growth in New York City, generate branding and marketing materials for the organization, and oversee event coordination and partnerships.

So far, our events have been the primary vehicle for growing our membership base. We’ve been fortunate to have garnered the enthusiasm and support of amazing partners like Getty Images, Spotify and The Muse; while our events attract professionals across different industries and range from 80-150 attendees depending on theme and venue.

The images below are from various ette all events. Stay tuned for the new website.

Sussex Documentary Shorts

I was blown away by the work of my cohort in graduate school. We were a rag tag group of photographers, journalists, filmmakers and social justice workers from (almost) every continent in the world in varying stages of our careers.

Premiering our dissertation projects, both photo and film, in a university computer lab was tantamount to holding Sundance at a Motel 8. Unacceptable. But what were we to do with a slashed uni budget and the meager allowance afforded by postgrad life?

A close friend suggested converting a church-turned-community-center into a festival space and holding our film screening there. We dubbed ourselves Co-Directors and got to work.

In the end, we earned inclusion into the Brighton Digital Festival and saw over 100 guests come through our doors. The films were roughly 15-3o minutes in length and included topics such as implementing refugee programs in southern Italy, prosecuting war criminals at The Hague, and circumnavigating the world by sea.

Event Co-Director

  • Coordinated programming for festival night.
  • Managed event promotion across popular platforms in Brighton.
  • Designed program, social images, and signage.
  • Acted as point person for volunteer staff.