I took to Red Hook to document Mary John Frank’s interactive satire of Southern cotillion culture, “Debutaunt.”

Inside, the space is appealingly accoutered in candles, Christmas lights and gauzy swathes of fabric. There’s also an exterior garden with a table set for beer pong in case the Southern charm proves too stultifying or thirst inducing.

Alexis Soloski, The New York Times


Photoville is an annual festival held at Brooklyn Bridge park. Entirely built from  re-purposed shipping containers, the programming at the modular space ranges from lectures to participatory games and workshops.

Photoville’s fifth edition (2015), welcomed over 83,000 visitors. These photos are from that year.

Ladies@ Networking Event

On April 20th Ladies@ hosted their spring event, Ladybosses: Women in Tech and Media, at Spotify’s New York office. The event was primarily focused on bringing together women in tech and media in frank dialogue in the hopes of dispelling common networking myths. As such, Adrian Larssen – VP of Content at the Muse- gave the keynote address which highlighted the importance of leveraging your network.

Though I was the producer of the event (read: ran around checking sound and ensuring panelists were comfortable), I wanted to take a moment to capture Spotify’s incredible space and our intrepid speakers.

Event Photo

Bringing a camera to an event, whether it is a corporate gathering or a performance-based interaction, means putting a spotlight on the attendees' experience.